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You Are The Future, Kid ("YATF" Kid) school supplies feature young people dressed for professional careers traditionally underrepresented by African-Americans.  Our goal is to expose your child to  positive role models at a young age, so they know what careers options are available to them when they become “grown-ups.” You Are The Future, Kid™

"YATF" Monthly Supply Kit

"YATF" Monthly Supply Kit



"A young black girl who wants to see space up close She sees the image on her folder for class of female astronaut with her big puffs, wild colored hair, vibrant lipstick, astronaut helmet, colorful bomber jacket, and a hidden figures picture in her gaze."

"A young black boy who loves to read. He sees the smiling face of a black lawyer in his notebook walking down the street with his suit jacket, Jordan's, a Black Lives Matter lapel pin, Dre Beats headphones, and his briefcase."



10% of the You Are The Future, Kid™ proceeds go towards the charity Step 1-2-3 Mentor for Life Initiative that helps kids and young adults find long term, professional minority mentors.



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